Fake Or Fate?

Your intense eyes move me, I’m slowly consumed. My arms tied, awaiting your love. My tears proceed to drip intensely. “Love” I remember the days I sat with my beloved. Showered in smiles and kindness. “Fate” When all this was a string of destiny and was broken from the intense reality. I have to look at the mocking shadow. It’s my imagination, refusing to accept that you hide your true self. Like hiding behind a light’s shade. It started to change and your illusion vanished to start the night of intense madness. “Feel” My heart, arms, and legs are eroded to be completely lacerated. “Last” I’m resigned because I know I can no longer escape, because now I am your prey. The happy memories are my only strength. I miss your old self. My heart still has not changed and will not do so. My thoughts decomposed while. My constant desire is pronounced while a sad wound its reported. Perhaps my pain would subside a bit, until you are done dying my body an intense red. These lacerations stab nothing but my heart burning today and tomorrow.


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