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Rockleetist – Can’t I Even Dream?

Desperate and so lonely, I’ve looked for you.
And left behind all that I had ever longed for.
Cold winds scream through my ears like a banshee.
A freezing chill – A pain that still will forever haunt me.

Yet I have made it here.
Running through all the fear.
The sadness in my heart retains the pain.
And if I fall, I’ve learned
That I may not return.
None of my love remains.

Yet I have made it here.
Make this pain disappear.
My one and only, Prince Charming.
And still I wonder, why can’t I even dream?

Tears fall like a rainstorm I barely see.
A twisted grin broken within. Am I going crazy?

Yet I have made it here
Holding this love, my dear.
Bearing the weight of it upon my knees.
And if I scream your name.
It’s not returned in same.
I beg, forget me please.

Yet I have made it here.
Make this pain disappear.
My one and only, Prince Charming.

(And still I wonder, why can’t I even dream?)
And still I wonder, why can’t I even dream?

Fake Or Fate?

Your intense eyes move me, I’m slowly consumed. My arms tied, awaiting your love. My tears proceed to drip intensely. “Love” I remember the days I sat with my beloved. Showered in smiles and kindness. “Fate” When all this was a string of destiny and was broken from the intense reality. I have to look at the mocking shadow. It’s my imagination, refusing to accept that you hide your true self. Like hiding behind a light’s shade. It started to change and your illusion vanished to start the night of intense madness. “Feel” My heart, arms, and legs are eroded to be completely lacerated. “Last” I’m resigned because I know I can no longer escape, because now I am your prey. The happy memories are my only strength. I miss your old self. My heart still has not changed and will not do so. My thoughts decomposed while. My constant desire is pronounced while a sad wound its reported. Perhaps my pain would subside a bit, until you are done dying my body an intense red. These lacerations stab nothing but my heart burning today and tomorrow.


Semua dari kita memiliki seseorang yang tersembunyi di dasar hati. Ketika kita berpikir tentang dia, kita akan merasa seperti… Ehm, selalu merasa sedikit nyeri di dalam, tapi kita masih ingin mempertahankan dia. Meski kita tak tau dimana dia berada, apa yang sedang dia lakukan, tapi dia adalah orang yang membuatku mengerti ini… “Hal kecil gila yang disebut CINTA” 🙂